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Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction  | John Berns Construction and Pools - Lakeland, FL

At John Berns Construction and Pools, pool construction and installation is a passion. We can build any standard design pool as well as custom designs to your specifications. John Berns Construction and Pools has built pools for individual home owners, residential communities, and organizations such as local governments and churches. Once you tell us what type of pool you want, we will provide all of the site plans, do the swimming pool construction, and fill it and sanitize it with chlorine or salt to your preference.

Firstly, we provide our customers with all the pertinent site plans, including the pool site plan, the landscaping site plan, and the cage screen plan. These plans show you how we will construct the pool and integrate it with the surrounding landscape and the safety fence. We make sure that these plans are to the customer’s satisfaction prior to starting the construction process.

Once all of the plans are approved, we grade the pool site and then dig it and shape it to specifications. Next, we build a steel rebar frame and cover it in succession with gunite, concrete, and finishing materials. These finishing materials include paint, epoxy, and tile within the pool area itself. Additionally, we install all of the necessary plumbing for the pool. Once the pool itself is completed, John Berns Construction and Pools also takes care of filling it with water, turning on the pool equipment, and getting the right balance of chlorine or salt in the water prior to that first cool dip.

Finally, we make sure that the pool has a beautiful deck surrounding it and a strong, well cemented pool screen around it to ensure the safety of children and adults.

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